Using Recipes for Essential Oils

Learning how to mix essential oils is a fun-filled adventure that not only helps you create a personalized scent, it is also an amazing way to save some cash. By learning how to mix these oils, you can make your own lotions, colognes and aromatherpay products


The key in mixing essential oils lies in finding the right recipe. As a general rule, it is imperative to mix your oils in small quantities. This is because it is easier to make a fragrant stronger than it is to reduce its scent. In addition, you should also use glass equipment as glass does not retain the strong fragrance associated with essential oils.


With recipes, you can always choose to let your imagination take over, in which case it is important to jot down the recipe for future use. Alternatively, look for time-tested recipes to get your choice fragrance. Make sure to get an oil base when you shop for essential oils to use with your recipes.