Camomile Essential Oil

Camomile Essential OilCamomile essential oil is obtained from Garden Camomile (botanical name: Anthemis nobilis) through a procedure known as steam distillation. The parts of the plant used for the extraction of this essential oil are fresh flowers.


Camomile essential oil is characterized by a sweet aroma with apple-like undertones that make it an absolutely fragrant product. It also features a distinctly light blue color. Camomile is just about as viscous as water.


Some of the therapeutic properties that this oil is known for include anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic as well as sedative. It is also used in aromatherapy where it may be blended with massage oils for a relaxing session.


Camomile essential oil has also been used in the manufacture of body creams, skin care products and dental care products. This diversity makes the oil one of the most pertinent essential oils available at Essential Stuff. Sample our pure organic products and you will never regret journeying with us into a world of nature’s goodness.