Bay Essential Oil

Bay Essential OilBay Essential oil is a product of steam distillation of the leaves of Pimenta racemosa. This oil has a deep golden yellow color that is easy to identify at the time of purchase. It is slightly viscous and its perfumery note is classified in the middle category.


The aroma of Bay essential oil is described as fruity and spicy with herby undertones. It also has a remarkably medicinal aroma that belies its numerous uses. The warmth of the oil is known to improve blood circulation. When used in aromatherapy, it helps to relax the body as well as heal sprained muscles.


Bay essential oil is also used in the manufacture of hair products as it helps reduce dandruff and improve the health of one’s hair. Prior to topical use, individuals must ensure that they carry out a patch test first to rule out skin sensitivity. Essential Stuff is passionate about sharing nature’s goodness with you, so be sure to check out this and more natural oils on the website.