Allspice Essential Oil

Allspice Essential OilAllspice essential oil is the product of a plant known as Pimenta officinalis, one whose origin is traced back to Jamaica. The plant parts used are berries, and the choice method of extraction is steam distillation. The resulting product has a sweet spicy aroma that is refreshingly warm.


Many users are often curious about the name of this unique essential oil. As a matter of fact, Allspice essential oil obtained its name from its unique aroma that mimics a blend of different spices including black pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon.


Allspice essential oil blends amazingly well with an array of oils, making it a diverse product altogether. It is important to note that this essential oil is intended for external purposes only, save for professional medical advice. It is also vital that first-time users carry out a patch test in order to rule out skin sensitivity. Get this quality product when you shop online at Essential Stuff.