Walnut Carrier Oil

Walnut Carrier OilWalnut Carrier Oil is extracted from the dried kernels of walnuts known in its scientific name Juglans regia . During this extraction, the meaty part of the nut is crushed to create a consistent paste which is then roasted before it is pressed to release 100% organic oil. Typically, high quality walnut carrier oil is usually obtained in small quantities, and this is what we offer you at Essential Stuff.


The oil’s rich flavor gives walnut oil great diversity. As such, the oil has a myriad of uses ranging from culinary use to cosmetic use. For culinary enthusiasts, the oil is best used for salad dressing. For cosmetic use, the oil is used in skin care products and in massage oils. Its use in massage oils is attributed to the ease with which walnut oil blends with other types of oils.


Essential Stuff has your back when it comes to organic essential oils. Walnut carrier oil is a perfect accompaniment, so look out for the size that best matches your preferences.