Red Raspberry Seed Oil

Red Raspberry Seed OilRed Raspberry seed oil is extracted through cold-pressing followed by filtration. This is an intricate procedure that ensures oil products from the seeds of the raspberry fruit are maintained in their natural ratios and compositions.


Red Raspberry seed oil has high concentrations of different healthy fatty acids including omega-6. It is also rich in Vitamins A and E, and has been found to have ultraviolet properties. The latter trait has made red raspberry an integral compound in the manufacture of skin care products such as body creams and sunscreen lotions.


Contrary to popular belief, the oil is not red in colour like the fruit. Instead, the oil features hues that range from greenish brown to dark brown. The product is packaged in different sized bottles, making it easy to choose what suits you best. We deliver in Australia and in destinations across the world. Do take the time to find out more about the natural carrier oils we have in stock at Essential Stuff