Olive Oil For Skin

Olive OilOlive oil is perhaps one of the most popular oils across the world, and for good reason. Virgin olive oil is the purest of all extracts from the olive plant, and this makes it the healthiest of the Essential Oils. Typically used for food, many people don’t know that you can also use virgin olive oil on your skin


Extracted from the fruits of the olive plant through cold-press, the resulting oil bears a light yellow colour. The carrier oil has anti-inflammatory properties which make it ideal in dealing with pain. It also has anti-oxidants, which are a well-known remedy for detoxification of the body.


When used topically, olive oil helps to maintain the texture of natural hair. It is also an excellent ingredient in skin exfoliation, so make sure to get a bottle of two. Online shopping at Essential Stuff makes it easy to get a variety of bottles in different sizes. Contact us for more information on shopping and shipping.