Hazelnut Oil

Hazelnut OilOrganic hazelnut oil is one of the most popular carrier oils across the world, and for good reason. The oil is extracted from raw hazelnuts through cold pressing, ensuring that the resulting oil is 100% natural. The result is a dark yellow viscous liquid with a sweet nutty fragrance.


The astringent properties of hazelnut oil make it an ideal addition to skin care products. The oil is used for skin formulas that target oily skin, and also works well with combination formulas for different skin types. The oil is easily absorbed into the skin, and has the advantage of not leaving a greasy residue.


These properties make hazelnut oil extract an excellent product for use in massage oils and the dilution of a wide range of essential oils. Get your preferred bottle size of hazelnut oil from Essential Stuff and enjoy an array of payment methods. We make deliveries in Australia and worldwide.