Calendula Oil

Calendula OilCalendula oil is extracted from the flower of the calendula plant, making it a highly sought-after organic oil, and also is often infused. The oil’s properties make it an excellent skin care ingredient. The carrier oil works by restoring the skin’s glow as well as maintaining its suppleness.


It is particularly effective in treating sunburns. It has also been used to treat insect bites, making it a great addition to first aid kits. Take note, however, that while the oil is considered safe for the general population, some individuals may experience adverse reactions,


For this reason, it becomes important for one to carry out a patch test prior to using it (especially for the first time). If any reaction is evident within 24 hours of the patch test, use of Calendula carrier oil must be stopped. In severe cases, it is important to see a medical practitioner. The oil must NOT be used internally.