Arnica Infused Oil

Arnica OilArnica Infused Oil is a carrier oil whose popularity has made it an ideal base for an extensive range of skin products. The oil is used in the manufacture of various creams and gels. It is also ideal for use in medical skin products that include liniments and ointments.


The oil is obtained from the flower of plants in the daisy family, whose botanical name is Arnica Montana. The oil can easily be absorbed through the skin, making it ideal for the manufacture of cosmetic products. It is important, however, that Arnica Infused oil is not used on exposed skin as this could lead to injury.


For this reason, it is important for clients to get in touch with our customer care team at Essential Stuff prior to buying Arnica Infused oil. This oil is intended for external use only. Get your ideal bottle size when you shop online and get great quality products.