Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond OilSweet Almond oil is a delightful addition to your skin care products, thanks to its softening and conditioning properties that help maintain supple skin. Obtained from almonds, the oil is rich in amino acids and Vitamin D, both of which contribute to its benefits.


The golden yellow carrier oil aids in maintaining one’s skin complexion, and is particularly loved for its ability to significantly decrease the formation of dark circles around the eyes. For anyone who loves great hair products, look out for those with sweet almond oil.


Other uses of sweet almond oil include the manufacture of body creams, lotions and bath soaps. As a natural carrier oil, almond oil offers you the best of nature’s goodness. Get your own bottle when you shop online at Essential Stuff. We will deliver in Australia and your preferred destination worldwide. Essential Stuff has you covered when it comes to natural oils.