Vanilla Absolute Oil

Vanilla Absolute OilVanilla absolute oil is a rich organic oil that is obtained from the beans of Vanilla planifolia, a plant native to Madagascar. The choice procedure is solvent extraction, one of the most invaluable processes in the creation of absolutes.


Vanilla absolute oil is a dark brown liquid that is very viscous. Its thick consistency requires users to follow the provided instructions when blending. The oil has a warm aroma with bitter undertones. This aroma makes it an excellent base note for use in the perfumery industry. It is also a popular ingredient in the manufacture of incense sticks.


Vanilla absolute oil evokes sensuality that is often accompanied byrelaxation. The oil blends well with a myriad of other oils. For first-time users, it is important to carry out a patch test first to rule out skin sensitivity. The quality of the oils from Essential Stuff remains unsurpassed, so check out this and more products when you shop online with us.