Linden Absolute Oil

Linden Absolute OilLinden absolute oil has an exceedingly beautiful floral scent whose fragrance ranges from mild to strong. It also features honey-like undertones with a citrusy touch, making it one of the rare absolutes with a unique aromatic description.


The oil is produced through solvent extraction from a plant botanically known as Tilia vulgaris. Its color varies from mocha brown to coffee brown. Look out for this product in out ‘absolute oils’ category. Once you place your order, you will select any of the provided payment methods after which we will make deliveries to your preferred destination.


Linden Absolute Oil is one of the rarest absolute oils globally, which makes it predisposed to adulteration. At Essential Stuff, however, you can be sure that we offer 100% natural oils. We take great pride in offering our valuable clients the best quality products for them to enjoy some of nature’s goodness. Take up the chance to shop from one of Australia’s trusted suppliers today.