Gardenia Absolute Oil

Gardenia Absolute OilGardenia absolute oil has got to be one of the world’s most treasured oils, thanks to its sweet invigorating floral fragrance. As with all absolute oils, the choice method of extraction of gardenia is through enfleurage. The choice of an absolute oil offers users the advantage of getting a highly concentrated product whose quality is unquestionable.


Gardenia blends remarkably well with other oils including jasmine oil, cinnamon leaf oil as well as citrus oil. Originally from South America, the oil is famed for its rarity and outstanding aroma. This is why Essential Stuff takes great pride in making such organic products available.


Gardenia absolute oil is available in different quantities, and ultimately, different costs. Once you have made your purchases, we will then make deliveries. We deliver in Australia and different destinations worldwide. Essential Stuff is essentially yours when it comes to savoring nature’s goodness.