Pure Organic Absolutes Oils

Essential Stuff has your back when it comes to absolutes for use in aromatherapy. These are unadulterated oily mixtures drawn from plants through solvent extraction. This method of extraction makes absolutes more concentrated than essential oils.


We have on offer three products in the ‘Absolutes’ Range. These include Frangipani Absolute, Rose Absolute and Jasmine Absolute. Frangipani is obtained from a beautiful flower by the same name, and is loved for its floral fragrance.


Rose Absolute on the other hand, is obtained from the rose flower. Its delicate floral scent makes it a favorite for clients in both aromatherapy field and perfumery field. Jasmine Absolute from Essential Stuff is obtained from the flowers of the Jasmine plant. It is loved for its sweet lingering scent, making it a preferred choice for skin products.


All these products are available in different bottle sizes, and are intended for external use. By shopping at Essential Stuff, you are assured of the high quality of the Absolutes.